May 2010

Royal Welsh Small Holders show was another first for us. After a hilly and picturesque journey we arrived in beautiful Wales. Prim & Proper seem to be on a roll for hitting cones at the moment after such a good start to the season, so we didn’t make it into the finals. However, Dun & Dusted raced their hearts out to have 4th in the class and a superb 3rd in the finals. The Welsh commentator did a fantastic job of rallying the spectators into cheering and clapping. Many people made wonderful comments about how they enjoyed our sport and as to how scary it was.

Newark & Notts welcomed all Scurry Driving competitors very well. The commentator and spectators all enjoyed the thrill of the sport so much so that Prim & Proper would not concentrate on their job and Proper thought it was much more fun to jump the cone instead of going through them. Needless to say we had the ball off. Ron had his first attempt at driving Dun & Dusted and did a brilliant round to finish 4th in the class then had the fastest time of the weekend in the finals but even with one ball down he still made 4th place.

Broadlands were due a Health & Safety inspection which meant we were all allowed more space - or so we thought. We were parked between the Racing Lawn Mowers the Chain Saw Carvers and the Traction Engines crushing concrete. Generally the ponies were ok but Prim & Proper were not happy when putting to the carriage on Sunday for the championship. They were upset and we managed to hit two cones in the Finals. But Dun & Dusted coped well to gain 5th place in the Finals.

April 2010

Monmouth met us with the hottest weekend of the year so far and those beautiful hills around the show ground. This time Prim & Proper shot to first place to gain their qualification for the finals at Herts in October. They then surpassed themselves to get 2nd place in the Championship, leaving Dun & Dusted to take 3rd in their class and 4th in the Championship.

The Thame Game & Country Fair was the first of the new season but I had been working my ponies since the middle of February so they were certainly fit for the show. Prim & Proper were an admirable 4th place but Dun & Dusted stole the show with First place and their qualification for the finals at Herts in October.

October 2009

Dun and Dusted 2009 Champions Living Heritage Country Shows - Prim and Proper 2009 Reserve Champions. What a fabulous result for the end of the season. The FINALS at Cheshire was very well attended by SDA qualifiers and the public. Having had such good results for our latest shows I was determined to show what these ponies could do. We were 5th to run with Prim & Proper and we took the lead by 2 seconds. The next 4 competitors tried to surpass us but failed. Then the turn of Dun & Dusted - they just flew - knocking a further 4 seconds off. We then just held our breath while the next ten competitors each tried unsuccessfully to better our score.

The arena at the Knebworth Show was hilly and pitted so I chose to go steady. No sense in inviting a tip up. I had two good clear rounds being 3rd with Prim & Proper and 4th with Dun & Dusted. So for the Championship I let them go a bit. I had the fastest time of the show with Prim & Proper but with 5 seconds to add, having slid into cone number 4, we came 6th. We took part in the Challenge with the MGA (one rider paired with a scurry team). Between us we had to move items from one place to another without dismounting and against the clock. I chose Dun & Dusted, being the more experience pair. Faye groomed for me and Emma was the rider on her own pony. Our team won the challenge.

September 2009

I hadn’t planned to go to the South Western Game Fair knowing that it is an horrendous journey to Devon around the motorways. But we did go and those little Palominos galloped with pleasure and yet again won the class. There were a lot of cones hit and Dun & Dusted joined the knock down gang. However, their time was good enough to gain 4th place. It was nice to have both pairs in the Championship line up taking 4th and 6th places.

Prim and Proper 2009 Reserve National Champions County Shows. The Finals at Newbury was sensational. All the best scurry drivers were there and each and everyone was capable of winning. The preliminary classes were fiercely fought. Prim and Proper had the fastest time having won the small class so had to go last in the Grand Final in the large main ring. The time to beat was 50.71 which seemed impossible as each contestant tried. My ponies took off like a pair of grey hounds to achieve 50.8 - just .09 of a second slower to crown us Reserve Champions. Then to finish the weekend Dun & Dusted took second place in the Consolation.

The Sandringham Show had a superb arena and the course really suited Dun & Dusted to come second. Unfortunately I hit a cone otherwise Prim & Proper would have been 2nd in their class. Then in the Championship Dun & Dusted had the fastest time but alas 5 seconds added for the fallen ball put us out of the line up.

August 2009

We spent our Bank Holiday in the wonderful Tatton Park achieving a double 2nd place for both pairs and a 3rd in the championship.

Broadlands had a different layout from previous years which proved to be better. This twisty course was perfect for Prim & Proper who won again but my misalignment in the Championship kept them out of the line up. Dun & Dusted not only came 3rd in the class but also 3rd in the Championship which was actually more suitable for the smaller ponies.

This was our first time to Gillingham & Shaftesbury show, encouraged by the large arena space which really suited Dun & Dusted as they galloped their way to 2nd place in the class and 3rd in the Championship. With a ball down and 5 seconds to add we held onto 6th place with Prim and Proper.

First time to the Ashourne show in Derbyshire for the SDA was a wonderful experience. The very well run show had all the safety issues professionally organized. I was very pleased with Dun & Dusted winning and Prim & Proper taking 2nd place in the class then 5th in the championship. The spectators really enjoyed our Competition and showed their appreciation.

Bowood proved to be a very twisty course and almost everybody hit cones. However, we had great fun taking part in a challenge with the M.G.A. riders. This will be repeated at a few more of the Living Heritage Shows.

Ron was unable to come to Bakewell so Faye & I made the journey by ourselves (first time ever). We coped well with all the driving and setting up the portable stabling. Prim & Proper drove well to be placed 3rd but I hit a cone with Dun & Dusted.

The Wolds Country Fair was for Prim and Proper. Those little blonde bombshells performed two wonderful rounds to win both their class and the Championship as well. Dun & Dusted had a faster time alas we hit a cone but still ended up with 5th place. A very pleasing weekend.

July 2009

The New Forest Show is always well represented by the Scurry Driving Association and this year was no exception with about 30 pairs of ponies and the spectators were there in their droves to support us. Dun & Dusted excelled themselves to win their class and put up a great performance in the final to become Reserve Champions. Prim and Proper were 4th so they gained their second rosette.

Well my wish came true and we came FIRST at The Great Yorkshire Show. Had I not hit a cone we would have also been Show Champions as we had the fastest time - but with 5 seconds to add we finished in 5th place. I must say that the spectators were brilliant at Yorkshire and many came round to our lorry afterwards. You can see a video of us on You Tube by searching for “Double Harness Scurry Race at the GYS”.

Welcome to the launch of the new look Web Site. Due to technical problems we were unable to update this site for some time. But, now thanks to the help of Nik at, we have successfully re-launched. Our new ponies - a pair of palomino sisters, are doing very nicely in their first year of scurry driving. Dun & Dusted are being consistent with their placings but we are still looking for that elusive first place having come 2nd at Cheshire just .08 seconds slower than first. I shall write small reports on each show we attend from now until the end of the season and hope you enjoy reading them.



 It was unfortunate that it rained at almost every event we went to this year. I have to say that my ponies and I prefer it to be dry and warm. Possible an excuse but maybe this was why we didn’t do as well as we could have. The points league of the Scurry Driving Association is a good indicator of overall results. Dun & Dusted finished 12th and Blue & Chip finished 15th out of the 30 competing pairs of ponies. I must try harder next year.


Having taken the Duns back to basics following the incident at Belfast, we had a good season and were very pleased to have won 2nd place at the Finals at Newbury & District in the ‘large’ class. This was the first year for Scurry Driving to take place in Holland at the Paard & Koets show where we, again, came 2nd in the large class.


We had a very good season with our scurry ponies achieving a total of six first places. The season finished at the Belfast show, where we finished FIRST with the Shets in the Celebrity Scurry and SECOND in the large class with Dun & Dusted. Unfortunately at short notice the ‘commentator’ wanted to groom for me but failed to lean causing my carriage to tip over. The carriage was wrecked and Dun & Dusted suffered some minor injuries. After a good rest and retraining they successfully went back into harness. The measure of these ponies with their adhering side was fully shown after all this.


As I had been voted onto the Scurry Driving Association Council and then voted to Treasurer I will more than have my work cut out this year. In addition to this we now have three pair of ponies to exercise and to take to the shows. This year Ron drove my Shetlands (Blue & Chip) as well as his own pair of ponies. By driving two rounds at each show certainly paid off as he not only won at the Great Yorkshire Show but he was also Top Novice qualifying for HOYS. Sky broadcast the competitions all week and Ron enjoyed full TV coverage. This year had been hard work but made easier and more enjoyable with the help of our new groom Faye.


 In August we acquired two new ponies. They were unbroken brothers Welsh x New Forest Duns. I spent a lot of time long reining them and preparing them for traffic. Being a pair of Duns we decided the only name suitable for them is DUN & DUSTED and they will be on circuit next year.

We have had many visitors to our site from all over the world.  Great Britain is the only country presently running Double Harness Scurry competitions but it seems we have lit a candle for other countries to try this very exciting competition.


We had a very exiting year in 2003 achieving FIRST place and SHOW CHAMPION at Bakewell, FIRST place at Newbury and FIRST place in the accumulator at Sandringham.

Welcome to the launch (February 2003) of the first ever Web Site totally dedicated to Double Harness Scurry Driving.  Please let us know how you feel about Scurry Driving and about this web site...

©Jen & Ron Bean 2009